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Bokodes – amazing uses for cameras to come

In Fun, New Tech on July 29, 2009 at 2:48 pm

barcodes-2-enlargedA team of MIT researchers have designed a 3mm replacement for traditional barcodes, called the Bokode, expressly designed for long distance camera recognition (4-20 meters). Based on visual data transmitted in your image’s bokeh and refocused by your camera lens onto the sensor, the Bokode “can hold thousands of times more information than their striped cousins and can be read by a standard mobile phone camera.”

This BBC article has more details:

“Let’s say you’re standing in a library with 20 shelves in front of you and thousands of books.”

“You could take a picture and you’d immediately know where the book you’re looking for is.”

And the [research] team also believes the tags could find their way into places not normally associated with traditional barcodes. For example, the system’s ability to read angular information could allow its use in motion-capture systems used to create videogames or films. “

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