On Multimedia & Photography

About the Forking Paths

Based out of Taipei, Taiwan, I am a staff photographer for Rhythms Monthly, one of Asia’s leading geographic feature magazines. Some of my work for Rhythms can be viewed on my website. “The Forking Paths” is a blog I started in order to share my budding interest and self-education in the growing intersection of interactive multimedia and online journalism, and other exciting fields of photography.

The blog title refers to “The Garden of Forking Paths,” a short story by the famed Argentine writer, Jorge Luis Borges. (Well, worth a read here in the original, as well as in hypertext) Key among the myriad themes explored in the story is the exploration of time and space as simultaneously divergent and convergent paths. A lot of great online multimedia work already displays such non-linear, interdependent realities; vast potential for further exploratory representations of important issues abound, as I hope to discuss, showcase and possibly emulate on this blog.


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