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Happy Chinese New Year from Taiwan

In Taiwan on February 15, 2010 at 11:54 pm

A happy Chinese New Year from Taiwan, where festivities and bad weather are in full swing! The coming year promises a number of interesting assignments, which I plan to share here on the Forking Paths. Below are some of the photos I took over the past few days of New Year activities, including (in order) ringing in the new year at Dharma Drum Mountain (法鼓山) with a sutra-inscribed 25 tonne bell, the gentler side of fireworks madness at Guandu, and crowds queuing up
to rub the Folk deity Tudigong’s (土地公) beard. I’ve started shooting with a new Nikon D3s – which has amazing hi-iso light sensitivity – allowing for images like the one in the center of the father and son. Click any of the images for a larger view.

  1. Teo,

    Pity some of those pictures were not published anywhere, at least not yet. Yes the D3s looks pretty good but is still too big and heavy. Let me know when a small pocket camera capable of delivering images as good as those Jurassic style cameras such as D3s, Canon Eoas Mark wahtever come out. Fed up with technology a bit. They just give us bit by bit according to manufacturers solely economic interest.

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