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Taiwan Baseball, Wang Chien-Ming, Weekly Panorama

In Panography, SoundRecording, Sports, Taiwan on August 3, 2009 at 12:23 am

bballAn interactive panorama from this weekend’s Uni-President baseball game in Taipei’s Tienmu stadium. I’ve included some ambient sound for full immersive effect, from recordings I picked up with the Nikon D3’s inbuilt mic.

The two teams’ names were preceded by their corporate sponsors – the 7-11 Lions and the LaNew (leather shoe brand) Bears. Originally introduced by the Japanese, baseball has been played in Taiwan for over 100 years. A raging national sport in the past few decades, Taiwan is currently suffering from the shame of getting trounced in the recent World Baseball Classic, by China of all teams.

Local No.1 baseball celebrity, Wang Chien-Ming, ace pitcher for the NY Yankees, is profiled in a somewhat stiff but revealing (Secret parents! He likes marbles!) multimedia piece here, with a feature profile here. For a good primer on the history, finances and mafia behind baseball on this fair island, click here.

Check out the other weekly panoramas and posts about panography here.


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