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Nikon D300s video + mic = Great Hope for D700s?

In D90, Equipment, TimeLapse, Video on July 31, 2009 at 12:02 am

d300sToday, Nikon announced the late August release of the D300s and D3000, as well as two lenses (notably the 70-200) with improved VR capabilities. Press release here. DPReview has an all-too brief hands-on write-up here.

I’m hoping the new features in both cameras are tasters for better things to come in full-frame DSLR bodies (the D700x, according to this ‘leaked roadmap.’) released in the fall. (Here’s why you shouldn’t believe any supposed roadmaps)

For multimedia shooters, the D300s offers a 3.5mm external mic input and “contrast-based autofocus” for ‘tripod only’ use. As for how any of this will translate in real use, we’ll have to wait a few weeks. Video quality and the 5min time-constraint on long shots seem to be no improvement on the D90, although Nikon-released sample videos by professional photogs show almost no traces of the jello-effect (Editing?). Hit the jump for D300s video samples from award-winning photogs Ami Vitale and Richard Bosch. One interesting feature that will likely show up in later FX bodies – the D300s allows for simultaneous SD and CF card slots, for separating video/photo or RAW/JPG, similar to the dual slots in the D3. Nikon has a useful pdf chart here comparing all the different features appearing in their fleet of DSLRS.

The smaller D3000 has an odd feature titled “Miniature Effect” – an in-camera fake tilt-shift look (such as in this example). Another creative trick apparently shared by the D60, D5000 and now the D3000, is a “Stop Motion Movie” option. Are we in for a new generation of time-lapse photographers? (Check out my experiment with time-lapse video here).

Gary Ayton lays out a persuasive case for the slim chances of a fully AF video mode for any Nikon DSLR in the near future here. Below is a great video from photogger Ami Vitale, originally found via Philip Bloom’s blog. Better quality at Nikon’s site.

  1. hi friend,

    i am very happy know the coming of d300s. I have a lot of hope for nikon d700s too. and also waiting for 85mm AFS f1.4 new lense!


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