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Lightning bunny, product of our times; Defining Panography

In Panography, Showcase on July 31, 2009 at 11:10 am


Cassandra C. Jones, a California artist culls Google-found images to make abstract panography (an embattled term which means either photo-collage or traditional panoramic photography) . Some of this work is expressly designed as some rather striking wallpaper. From the SF Chronicle:

“Send Me a Link is at once a nod to the digital landscape in which we find ourselves, and a plea, perhaps an imperative, to create context amidst an endless expanse of images. The phrase explicitly signals the centrality for Jones of network- or systems-oriented digital technologies in the appropriation, accumulation, and manipulation of photographs; the artist culls many of her images from stock or professional photo agencies with an ease and speed unique to our lived moment.”

Found via BoingBoing.

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