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Taipei Photowalk 2009 : VR Photography

In Equipment, Panography, Taiwan on July 20, 2009 at 2:05 pm


An interactive panoramic photo of the Taipei Photowalk 2009 event this last Sunday. (Click here or on the photo to explore the panorama)  I had a heartbreaking 16GB CF card crash mid-transfer the same night and out of what I managed to save (the card’s with professionals now, fingers crossed) were just 3 fisheye images, from which I made this pano. More on VR (“Virtual Reality”) photography after the jump.

I’m going to be blogging a bit about panoramic photography – a huge interest of mine – but for those of you keen on more details immediately, the Danish Panorama.dk offers a good overview and VRMag always has the most impressive examples. For the perfectionist seeking top quality, the process can be quite cumbersome, involving tripods and fine-tuned tripod heads, but I find shooting handheld with an 8mm on a full-frame body allows for acceptable results, with parallax errors that can be worked through in post production.

Check out the other weekly panoramas and posts about panography here.

  1. Awesome. Nice work. Sorry to hear about the CF card!

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